Scotland’s biggest techno festival to be cashless for events


SCOTLAND’s largest electronic music events brand has announced it will go cashless with Event Genius.

The deal with Event Genius calls for the brand’s five UK events to be cashless, which includes four summer events with a capacity of 5,000 people.

Events include the world’s top techno artists such as Patrick Topping, Floorplan, Adam Beyer and Ben Klock.

Photo by Danny Howe on Unsplash
Terminal V will switch to cashless

Those who attend the events will benefit from secure Covid payments before, during and after their visits.

The Terminal V Halloween festival will also use cashless egPay systems and will take place over two days from October 30 to 31 with a capacity of 40,000 people.

Ticket holders will be able to create an online account to pre-purchase credits, replacing cash at all festivals.

Those attending events will benefit from Covid's secure experiences - Scottish News
Photo by Joey Thompson on Unsplash
Those who attend the events will benefit from a secure Covid experience.

Credits purchased will be loaded onto an RFID enabled wristband upon arrival which can be used to pay for food and drinks.

Wristbands can be recharged on site at self-service charging stations secured by COVID and unspent credits can be recovered after the event is over.

Switching to cashless will reduce the point of contact between fans and staff and speed up transactions by almost 80%, reducing wait times.

Switching to cashless will speed up transactions by almost 80% - Scottish News
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Switching to cashless will speed up transactions by almost 80% and reduce waiting times.

Reshad Hossenally, Founder of Event Genius and CSO of Festicket, said: “egPay offers a win-win scenario for Terminal V fans and organizers. Without having to worry about carrying cash or wasting time. to queue to be served, Terminal V attendees can enjoy a greater number of events while the Terminal V team can expect a reduction in cash handling, fans to staff and the potential transmission of viruses, as well as a significant increase in their income.

“This will also be our first deployment of egPay in Scotland, so we are delighted to meet the team, be on site and help organize big events. “

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