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Maho MacGregor uses his style and grace to plan weddings and events in the Bow Valley with his business called Canadian Rocky Wedding Service.

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She was born and raised in Japan, then lived in Banff for 13 years and Canmore for 14 years.

Fluent in Japanese and English, MacGregor works primarily with clients from Japan and the United States, as well as people who now live in Canada.

“I coordinate all aspects of business meetings, events and weddings,” said MacGregor. “I find the venues, organize all the vendors, and coordinate a lot of other details to make sure the event goal is seamlessly achieved.”

Her heart goes into every marriage, she said.

“I develop a close relationship with my bride and groom, giving them a sense of comfort, trust and confidence in us,” said MacGregor. “Listening and having that connection allows my couple to express their needs and opinions openly and honestly and makes the planning experience enjoyable.”

She has been a wedding and event planner for 15 years.

“The most rewarding part of being an event planner is having the opportunity and pleasure to work closely with my clients during such a happy time,” said MacGregor. “Working so closely with such diverse personalities, cultures and families over the years has been invaluable. “

She will often work with Japanese clients who don’t speak much English but want to celebrate among the beauty of the Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise and Kananaskis mountains. They enjoy summer temperatures, but some visitors find Banff’s winters to contrast sharply with the climate they are used to in Japan, but a unique experience.

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“I love people. I love making them happy. I love working hard to make dreams of their perfect day come true,” said MacGregor. “I love designing unique and beautiful weddings that reflect my personal style. couple It makes my job very rewarding and makes me smile.

Covid-19 and the resulting pandemic restrictions have had a huge impact on wedding and event planning activities, she said.

“Most of my reservations have been canceled,” MacGregor said. “I had only a few events last year.”

But she took advantage of the downtime.

“However, I was able to learn to manage my mental health, focus on my family, and be more health conscious than ever during this pandemic,” MacGregor said.

Business is picking up now and she expects next summer to be busy.

MacGregor lives in Canmore with her husband Rob and their cat Puma.

“My two sons grew up and left home on their own journey,” MacGregor said.

She enjoys doing yoga, meditation, motorcycling, and jewelry making in her spare time.

“Life is easier in Canmore and Banff,” said MacGregor. “It’s a safe place to raise children. There is fresh air. And there isn’t a lot of traffic.

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