New Haven Police to seek compensation for overtime expenses from organizers of large motorcycle rally


Dominguez and Mayor Justin Elicker discussed the unauthorized rally and the city’s plans to move forward.

The department is still calculating the cost of the overtime it accrued during the event, Dominguez said. About 150 officers were assigned to a special detail for the rally, which ran from Saturday afternoon to evening on Forbes Avenue.

Officers made about four arrests during the case, Dominguez said.

An organizer, Gabe Canestri, has been accused of allegedly inciting a riot and committing a second degree public order violation after attendees started a stunt show on Waterfront Street, Dominguez said.

She said Monday that two other people were charged with reckless driving and reckless endangerment, as well as other motor vehicle offenses, while another was charged with disorderly driving.

More arrests are expected in the future, Dominguez said, as the department examines body camera images and works on warrants for alleged offenses.

Police also issued 10 motor vehicle offenses, towed four vehicles and cited “several” people for drinking in public, Dominguez said.

Elicker expressed his displeasure that the rally took place over city objections.

In the preceding days, city officials have urged people not to come to New Haven for the event, saying it was not properly permitted and that police would be in force to stave off the “chaos” that characterized last year’s event.

“Obviously, it was a real disappointment that so many people still decided to come to New Haven, that the organizers still decided to move the event forward, and after many attempts by the New Haven Police Department, the organizers persisted in disobeying. the expectations of our department, ”said Elicker.

The city will hold an internal meeting to look at “other ways we can make sure that we are holding those associated with the event accountable, and to ensure that we continue to work to ensure that this event does not affect the New Haven City, ”Elicker said.

Dominguez said about 5,000 people showed up at the rally on Saturday – about half the amount that came to the city for the case in 2020, but more than authorities wanted.

“Although there was a decrease, it was not enough of a decrease,” Dominguez said. “No attendee would have been what we hoped for, as we communicated very clearly that this event was not something we tolerated or wanted in the city.”

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