Trump campaign megadonator and Publix heiress reportedly spent more to promote January 6 rally than previously thought


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Trump campaign megadonator Julie Jenkins Fancelli – including family Forbes ranked 39th richest in America in 2020 – reportedly donated $ 150,000 to the Republican Attorneys General Association, in part to help promote a pro-Trump rally in Washington, DC, on the January 6 preceding the attack on the US Capitol, according to The Washington Post – an amount that is in addition to an amount previously declared Donation of $ 300,000 she did to the organizers of the rally.


The Trump supporter donate $ 150,000 to the nonprofit branch of the Republican Attorneys General Association, Rule of Law Defense Fund on December 29 The Washington Post reported based on the records shared with him.

The Association of Attorneys General has run a robocall campaign calling on Trump supporters to march on Capitol Hill to “ask Congress to stop the theft.” The Washington Post reported.

Fancelli also donated $ 300,000 to pro-Trump Women for America First who held a rally in which former President Donald Trump appeared, according to records. To post, saving a previous report from the the Wall Street newspaper on the donation.

Fancelli did not respond to the Posts requests for comments, nor a request for comments from Forbes‘done at Publix.

Caroline Wren, former head of the Trump campaign fundraising committee, coordinated Fancelli’s contributions to both groups, the To post noted.

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$ 8.8 billion. It is ForbesJenkins family net worth estimate in 2020. Fancelli’s father, George Jenkins, founded Publix in 1930. Employees own 80% of the company, which is the largest employee-owned company in the United States. United

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The select committee of the House has subpoenaed Wren and the leadership of Women for America First for their involvement in the rally that led to the storming of the Capitol on January 6, the To post reported. Wren’s lawyers told the To post that Wren was an “event planner” who “helped many other people deliver and run a professionally and completely peaceful event at the White House Ellipse” where Americans came together to “legally exercise their rights first amendment ”. The Posts The report reveals a more important role played by Fancelli in the preparation of the rally on January 6. In February, the the Wall Street newspaper reported she helped pay $ 300,000 for the Ellipse event, which the Newspaper said it was a “lion’s share of the rally of around $ 500,000”. Fancelli donate $ 997,300 to Trump Victory, according to Federal Election Commission records.

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