Gears of War Elite Controllers Have Hidden Secret Messages


The Gears of War 4 Xbox Elite Controller has one of five messages hidden right under the thumbs of avid gamers using the Chainsaw Bayonet.

Secret messages in the Gears of War 4 Xbox Elite controllers were revealed on Twitter. Released in 2016 alongside the third-person shooter game developed by the Coalition, the Gears-The Elite themed controller has a black and red color scheme and sporty details like claw marks and weapons on the faceted D-pad. Like all other Xbox Elite controllers, it comes with accessories like paddles, interchangeable controllers and D-pads, and more. While owners may have noticed the hidden controller messages by now, they were reported by the Senior Product Planner at Xbox on Twitter.

To celebrate Xbox’s 20th anniversary, a Gears 5 event planner, CrimsonGOW asked fans on Twitter if they had Weaponry of war Elite controllers, enticing players to show off their collections. Special Xbox controllers designed for each main line Gears the version appeared in CrimsonGOW’s responses. Since The Coalition appears to be developing a new Xbox IP, perhaps Xbox could celebrate by designing another controller that fans can add to their collections.

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James shields, the Senior Product Planner at Xbox, responded on Twitter and explained that each Elite controller has a message engraved on the bottom of the left controller. He further revealed that there were a total of five different messages written into the analog sticks, some rarer than others. The rarest message is the initials of James Dominic Fenix, Marcus’ son and the main character of Gears of war 4.

These Easter eggs may remind fans of Weaponry of warmore moving moments and this Twitter message prompted many Gears fans pull out their Elite controllers to see his hidden secret message. One player even pointed out “Grub Killer” written under the interchangeable D-pad. Asked by CrimsonGOW, James Shields reveals that the five messages are “JDF”, “Welcome Home”, “Never Fight Alone”, “Fear the Swarm” and of course, “Gears of war 4.”While some may have known about the hidden controller messages before, the rarity of the different messages is certainly noticeable.

Easter eggs and the amount of detail in not only the Gears of War 4 controllers but other Xbox products is awesome. It’s always nice to see the creativity of the Xbox team, even years after a product has launched. For example, an Easter Egg in the original Xbox dashboard was discovered after twenty years. It’s a subtle and appreciated nod to Xbox fans around the world. Gamers can only hope to see more of these secret messages or Easter eggs in Xbox products in the future. Of course, there’s always a Master Chief tucked away somewhere inside a console.

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Source: James Shields / Twitter

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