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In tonight’s episode of Late show with Stephane Colbert, Colbert celebrated the comic superhero Superman, and his new motto: “Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow.” Typically, he couldn’t drop this one without adding his own two cents.

“This is of course a big change from its original motto: wearing underwear outdoors since 1938! “

Over the weekend at the DC Fandome event, DC Comics announced the new motto, changing it from the previous one which was actually “Truth, Justice and the American Way”.

The host explains why the old slogan may not work in the current climate.

“If Superman really followed the current American path.” He would fly to school board meetings to shout about how the vaccine gave him heat vision. “

According to Colbert, the change of course did not come about quietly with some comic book fans, and in particular with Fox News.

DC Comics explained these slogan changes in a statement saying it is intended to honor. Superman’s incredible legacy of over 80 years of building a better world. The addition of the new slogan is intended to embody fully that hope for everyone or as Fox News would say: New Communist, Superman Cancels Mr. Potato Heads, Christmas Penis.

“Of course I’m kidding, but not by much.” He puts the joke into perspective with a clip from various Fox News presenters calling Superman “more acceptable to the Chinese Communist Party” or, as one speaker put it, “I’m going to call him Superman and I’m going to tell him. American and Merry Christmas!

Of course Colbert won’t let that go, so he adds, “And they’re going to say, okay, Aunt Nancy, how about you put the bottle of Jack Daniels down and give me that steak knife.”

The full Colbert opening monologue can be found above.

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