Waco Cultivate 7twelve Downtown Art Space Changes Owners, Not Philosophy | News from local businesses

Sometimes the downtown site has hosted poetry and writing groups, live music performances, artist markets, exhibitions, and other arts-related activities. In 2018, the gallery exhibited a section of wall with part of a dismantled artwork by famous street artist Banksy and organized panel discussions and film screenings for the Waco Deep in the Heart film festival. Prior to Cultivate 7twelve, the Croft Art Gallery operated there from 2010 to 2014.

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The Hagmans contacted another downtown businessman, Dickman, when they decided to quit Cultivate and found him interested. Dickman said he looked at this location, 712 Austin Ave., six years ago when purchasing a new location for his Waco escape rooms. He passed the property at the time, winding a street on Washington Avenue, but liked what he saw and how it was used in subsequent years.

“I love this space. It’s a Waco hub for creative work,” Dickman said, adding that he plans to continue the artistic direction of the place. “Not much is going to change. It will still be an art gallery. Events will still be held there.”

And maybe more events. Dickman owns or is involved in downtown businesses including the Nexus Esports game room, arts training and student entrepreneur company Triple Win Waco on Webster Avenue, Waco Escape Rooms, Rogue Media, and Waco Ax Co.

He plans to increase live events at Cultivate 7twelve starting next year, using his Undercroft basement and developing a night market as an outlet for Waco creatives.

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