Mums are scrambling to get their hands on Aldi’s new garden range from £6

Summer has indeed arrived and with the high temperatures, there is no shortage of outings in the garden.

It is therefore not surprising that Aldi have caused a stir among fans with their latest away deals.

The budget supermarket has launched a range of youth-friendly furniture for outdoor use.

Starting at just £6, the range is perfect for parents to entertain their little ones over the school holidays with plenty of praise for the bouncy castle on display.

The bouncy castle is one of the highlights of the collection and is suitable for children aged three to five.

Aldi’s new garden range for children includes a fun bouncy castle

It has an enclosed play area for outdoor use with side safety nets and an arched entrance. The electric air blower ensures the bouncy castle stays inflated when used with constant airflow and it costs £89.99.

There’s also an adorable £59.99 sandbox that can provide hours of fun for toddlers and their friends.

This sandbox comfortably seats four children and features a star-printed canopy to protect them from the sun’s rays.

One of the stars of the range is the Little Town Brown Mud Kitchen.

One of the highlights of the range is the outdoor kitchen
One of the highlights of the range is the outdoor kitchen

There is an outdoor sandbox with sun cover
There is an outdoor sandbox with sun cover

The adorable mini kitchen even comes with a hob and sink and gives little ones the chance to use the mini chalkboard to write down the specialty menu and use the pegs to hang your utensils.

There are even plant pots that fit into the shelf and allow them to grow their own herbs for their kitchen.

There are 25 items in the full collection, which range from £6 to £299.

Aldi is no stranger to pleasing shoppers with their budget purchases and recently their pizza ovens wowed the fans.

Picnic table doubles as a sandpit
Picnic table doubles as a sandpit

The Gardenline gas pizza oven promises to “transport your taste buds to Italy” and comes with a number of different features.

The product has wheels to ensure it’s easily transportable, it comes complete with a pizza stone and cooking grill, and it can even be used to grill normal food if you’re not in the mood for it. the pizza.

Aldi’s pizza oven is priced at just £179.99 and is limited to one per person.

The garden range is also scooters
The garden range is also scooters

It has received a number of five-star reviews, with one customer saying, “Makes perfect pizzas”, while another wrote, “Excellent kit”.

While in March, the store released a vacuum cleaner that was a dupe for Dyson’s more expensive option.

The vacuum has many of the same features as Dyson’s offering, but without the high price tag!

Aldi’s cordless vacuum cleaner is priced at just £54.99, a much more justifiable price compared to Dyson’s £279 – the price of the V7 cordless vacuum cleaner.

Aldi promises its vacuum cleaner is “perfect for floor-to-ceiling cleaning” and has a motorized floor brush that allows it to work quickly and efficiently.

It is rechargeable and can run for up to 40 minutes at a time, and is also designed to be lightweight to allow users to clean effortlessly.

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