From erectile dysfunction to alcohol intolerance – Dr. Jeff answers your health questions

He saved hundreds of lives working in A&E and as a general practitioner. Now Dr Jeff Foster has become The Sun on Sunday’s new Resident Physician and is here to help YOU.

Dr Jeff, 43, splits his time between working as a GP near his home in Leamington Spa, Warks, and running his clinic, H3 Health, which is the first of its kind in the UK to look at hormonal problems in people men and women. . See


Dr Jeff Foster has become The Sun on Sunday’s new Resident Physician and is here to help YOU.

Q) I AM a 48 year old builder and have been married for ten years.

But for the past six months, I haven’t been able to play in the bedroom.

I can’t get an appointment with the GP. I bought Viagra online which seems to do the trick. Can it hurt in the long run?

Scott Wilson, County Durham

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A) Erectile dysfunction is a common problem, but since it’s such an embarrassing topic, many men are turning to the internet for help.

Viagra improves symptoms for many men, but the real problem is why is this happening?

There are a range of causes for erectile problems, such as low testosterone, cardiovascular disease, and even stress or anxiety.

If you have a cardiovascular cause for your erectile dysfunction, you have an average of three years between the onset of symptoms and a more serious event like a heart attack.

So do not buy Viagra or any other medicine from a pharmacist or online before talking to a doctor. It may just save your life.

Q) CAN I be allergic to alcohol?

I’m a 40 year old party planner and love enjoying wine or bubbles with my clients at their events but lately every time I drink I keep sneezing my nose gets clogged and I turn bright red.

It’s really embarrassing, especially if I start a sneeze fit during wedding speeches.

Amy McKay, Edinburgh

A) Alcohol intolerance can cause immediate and uncomfortable reactions.

The most common signs and symptoms tend to resemble hay fever, with a stuffy nose, sneezing and flushing, or a rash.

Alcohol intolerance is caused by a genetic condition you were born with, which means your body cannot break down alcohol properly.

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Sometimes additives such as colors, flavors, grains, or preservatives can act as a trigger, and certain medications (when combined with alcohol) can cause a similar reaction.

For most people, alcohol intolerance is incurable – the only treatment is complete abstinence from alcohol.

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