Hubilo takes customer engagement in virtual events to new heights

As a virtual event platform, Hubilo understands the importance of engaging and fostering genuine connections, regardless of medium. Hubilo’s event strategies, which ensure all stakeholders are engaged at all times in all marketing and social media efforts, impressed the judges and won silver for most effective use of influencers/creators of social media content to INTERACTIVE-MARKETINGHashtag Asia 2021 Awards.


Many event organizers lack technology expertise in the virtual arena and are unable to bridge the gap between offline and virtual events. This resulted in monotonous and boring webinar-like events with no knowledge of how to navigate the virtual event space. Such events have little to no engagement and event organizers fail to connect with their audience, which ultimately defeats the purpose of the event. Hubilo needed to help these event planners understand that all they needed was to partner with an established expert who can provide an intuitive platform for organizing events as well as event activations that spark a real commitment to connecting with an audience in order to truly reap the benefits of virtual events.

The solution

Hubilo placed equal importance on commitment and pursuing growth. With five years of experience in virtual events, the company was able to better understand what its audience was looking for beyond bread-and-butter marketing campaigns.

Hubilo recognized the importance of involving three stakeholders:

  1. Customers / event organizers
  2. attendees, and
  3. The wider event community

Hubilo understood the need to engage people and not just provide a platform for virtual meetings and events to connect people. Using Hubilo’s technology, its platform has enabled organizers to plan and execute seamless events that can be attended from anywhere and provide attendees with a seamless and personalized immersive experience in a way unique.

Hubilo knew the next step would be to double down on its marketing efforts, especially on social media to educate the wider community about the events. This meant that in every campaign, Hubilo ensured that engagement was the top priority.


Hubilo deployed a highly refined brand strategy rooted in pushing the boundaries of the virtual and this served as the cornerstone of Hubilo’s new identity and its corporate and marketing efforts.

The company aired a wide variety of content, including its own flagship weekly livestream series, In Any Event, hosted by Hubilo social media guru Rachel Moore. In Any Event delves into the events landscape and has even featured high-profile guests such as Chandra Champion, Director of Conferences and Events for the WIC National Association and Pauline Kwasniak, Content Creator, Virtual Event Planner and Event Manager. content at LinkedIn sharing information about upcoming events.

Additionally, engagement was done through polls to really understand the sentiments on the ground. Hubilo created teasers that showcased upcoming events to entice attendees, posts celebrating milestones, and even live updates of shows hosted by Hubilo.


Hubilo’s engagement strategies have resulted in a significant 35% growth in social media followers and the company has a 0.8% engagement rate with followers at all levels.

Hubilo’s growth in the social media space is testament to the company’s success in the events scene. In October 2021, it successfully secured additional seed funding of US$125 million. As of December 2021, the company has hosted over 12,500 events on its platform, with the total number of attendees exceeding one million and the total number of event engagements exceeding 100 million.

Most importantly, Hubilo was able to build lasting relationships with the personalities he worked with and create real organic connections on social media.

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