Gerard Pique holds two Grammys from Shakira hostage with himself during child custody proceedings

Sources say Gerard Pique could use honors as ‘bargaining chip’ as Shakira demands return of her Grammys

The relationship between Shakira and her ex, Gerard Pique, seems to be getting worse as the famous athlete holds the Grammy Awards the singer won hostage. The singer has demanded that her ex-husband return them as she fears they will be used as leverage in their custody dispute. During her 30-year career, Shakira has won three Grammy Awards and twelve Latin Grammy Awards.

Gerard Pique holds two Grammys from Shakira hostage during separation proceedings

The trophies, according to RadarOnline, are allegedly in his custody. husband’s alarming allegations were first made by journalist Jordi Martin and were published in an article by Spanish publication La Razon. The article explained how Gerard would use the awards as “bargaining stone” as they negotiated a co-parenting deal.

Jordi said Shakira’s Grammys are still on display in Pique’s office at Kosmos, her production company. He did not return them. He claimed the couple intended to move to Miami with their children, where they would separate and decide who would have custody of the children.

The custody will decide the fate of their children.

According to a person close to Shakira, who was quoted in the Radar article, “She wants only the best for the children and tries to prevent them from hearing and seeing all the horrible things in the news about him, adding that their custody dispute quickly deteriorated from amicable to “messy.”

After more than ten years of marriage, the interpreter of the tube “Hips Don’t Lie” and Gerard announced their separation in June. The couple have two sons: Sasha, 7, and Milan, 9. Since the separation, there has been a lot of speculation about what really happened.

Gerard started dating Clara Chia Marti.

Gerard has let it be known that he has moved on with Clara Chia Marti, his new girlfriend. Many people believe the footballer started dating the 23-year-old model while he was still seeing the singer. When Clara met Pique, she was already committed to her partner and the two kept their relationship a secret, according to insiders. The infidelity accusations were ultimately linked to footage of the altercation shared on social media.

An informant told The Sun that Gerard and Clara had been dating for some time. She is a student who works for him as an event planner at his workplace. Everyone around them is aware of their relationship despite their silence about it. People helped him cover up the relationship and deleted Clara’s social media accounts so no one could find pictures of her online, the source continued. Based on this alone, his buddies come to the conclusion that he’s committed to her.

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