Goodsavers Home Line of Credit

GoodSavers’s home line of credit is called the GoodSavers Home Margin. As with any home equity line of credit, GoodSavers Home Ownership allows you to borrow against up to 80% of your home equity. The amount of credit you can access increases as you pay down your mortgage and the equity in your home increases.

A home equity line of credit should not be confused with a line of credit. Home equity lines of credit are usually reported to credit bureaus, so they can help or hurt your credit score depending on how much attention you pay to your monthly payments.

The GoodSavers Home Margin Account allows you to manage all of your personal credit, including lines of credit, balance on your loans and on your mortgage.


Calculation of a home equity line of credit

You can access up to 80% of your home equity, less what you owe on your mortgage through your home equity line of credit.

The following example shows how it works:

The purchase price of a house you bought has $ 500,000 with a mortgage of $ 475,000

After 5 years, the market price of your home has increased to $ 600,000

The balance of your current mortgage is $ 400,000

80% of $ 600,000 = $ 480,000

Your available line of credit is $ 480,000 – $ 400,000 = $ 80,000

You will have access to $ 80,000 of additional funds through a home equity line of credit at the available home equity line of credit. However, you must continue to make monthly fixed payments to pay the outstanding balance of $ 400,000 on your mortgage.

Summary of key features

Banking Product

Amount Min

Max amount

Subdivision lines

Option to convert to fixed

Unpaid balance

Monthly fee

Second position

GoodSavers Proprietary Margin

$ 5000

80% of the market value






The benefits of GoodSavers Home Ownership

mortgage payment

There are a number of positive aspects to a HELOC:

  • As you pay off your mortgage, you can access other funds for other projects.
  • Interest is charged only on the amount you use, not on the credit limit.
  • No monthly fees.
  • You can consolidate existing debt at a low interest rate.


Disadvantages of the GoodSavers Proprietary Margin

mortgage payment

At the same time, there are some gaps in a HELOC:

  • Home equity line of credit funds are easily accessible and are therefore tempting for many homeowners. You should be able to control your expenses and borrowing.
  • Home equity lines of credit do not have a fixed relationship with the preferential interest rate, unlike variable mortgage rates. The relationship between a home equity line of credit and the prime rate may, in theory, change if your lender wishes to do so.
  • A home equity line of credit could be more expensive than regular refinancing. Refinancing may be a better option if you need to access the funds now and if you are sure of the amount to borrow. A home equity line of credit, on the other hand, gives you the flexibility to access funds as you please.

Be sure what you are looking to borrow and why you are considering a home equity line of credit. If you are taking on a home line of credit, make sure you make at least the minimum required payment each month so as not to hurt your credit score. Sometimes refinancing can be a better option. GoodSavers’s current mortgage rates are available here at Myer Grant.